Learn to cook in your own home!

Learn to cook in your own home!

Individual or shared Online cooking and baking workshops from VidámCookingStudio!
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What is VidámCookingStudio about?

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Our cozy VidamCookingStudio can be found on the outskirts of the town Csengöd in Hungary.

In a relaxed scenery, surrounded by vineyards, herbgarden, sheeps and rabbits is it the perfect place to enjoy a workshop with friends or colleagues.

What is also great fun is the online workshop. Create something tasty in your own familair environment.

All this under the personal guidance of Monique

All courses are offered in German, English and Dutch

Soon we will have also a guest house available that can be rented with or without a workshop. And that is also ideal for anglers.

See you soon.


Monique en Sep Bliem

Ps. Monique is Dutch, from Enschede (Twente) en Sep is  Austrian, from Söll (Tirol)

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Are you a lover of sweets or fish? Maybe the Middle Eastern taste has kidnapped your heart? Choose from the courses you like best!

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