One To One Online Curse

  • Workshop duration
  • Time 2021. 09. 22. 08:15
  • Fee6.000 Ft/person

Short description

For example, you need my help:


your boyfriend or your girlfriend comes to eat at your place for the first time....EXCITING!!


you want to surprise someone with something you normally never cook....SURPRISE!!


your family is visiting and you don't want to stay in the kitchen too long while they are there......COZY!!!!!!!!!


it's Valentinesday or a birthday and you want to suprise someone.....SURPRISE!!


you have something to celebrate with several people and you need a helping hand.........TIMEMANAGEMENT!!


you find it interesting to learn to prepare other dishes......JUST FOR YOU!!


- tell me why and I'll send you a list where you can find out what you like.

- send me your details and prefered dates

Me (Monique):

- send you a confirmation email if everything is set

- as soon as the desired amount has been transferred, you nwill receive from me:


1. The list of ingredients to be purchased

2. Short description of the recipe.

3. Preparationlist.


This workshop is ment for 1 till 3 persons.

Price: 6000 Forint-----18 Euro for 1 hour.


Every next half hour----1000 Forint----3 Euro

Maximum booking duration/ time is 2 hours.

More hours are negotiable in further consultation.


Just do it!

I am looking forward to it!


Yours, Monique